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What To Expect As A New Patient

Initial Consultation

Paperwork - You will need to complete a minimal amount of paperwork including a case history which will help the doctor determine how to proceed with your care.

Consultation with Doctor - If Laser Therapy is the appropriate treatment you will proceed to an evaluation to determine the best cause of treatment. If our therapy is not suitable for your condition, we readily refer patients to the appropriate health care provider.


Physical Exam - Orthopedic, neurological, and additional examinations are performed to determine general health status and problems.

X-rays - May be utilized to further assess your condition only if physical examination indicates the need for further studies.

Diagnosis - Based on history, examination, and X-ray / lab findings the doctors will diagnose your condition and explain to you what the problem is and how we will treat it.

Treatment plan - A personal treatment plan will be developed for you whether that is MLS Laser Therapy, PinPointe FootLaser or other services we provide.

First Visit As a Patient

Discuss Treatment Plan - The doctor will discuss your specific condition along with the recommended treatment plan.

Treatment - Specified treatment is administered by the responsible staff member and treatment time will vary depending on what you are being treated for.

Schedule Your Next Appointments - Schedule your appointments as determined by the doctor depending on your treatment plan and if necessary.

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